Let’s end the 21st century slavery

Why do we let loan and credit companies enslave us? We are held to ransom purely by our own honour, a trait that the loan sharks neither have nor respect, even though they rely on ours.

It’s not just the outrageous payday loan companies but the banks and credit card companies too. They hook people in and change the rules to suit themselves. I’ve stood up to them in the past and I’ll do it again. If everyone realized that they had no moral obligation to these thieves, their corrupt empire would collapse overnight.

They sell us our own shackles and we dutifully pay up. We’re told that we should buy our own homes, but that’s only really selling us fear. Once we are on the treadmill we dare not get off or stop treading the mill. If we do, we stand to lose too much.

We are persuaded that we need the latest gizmo or whizz-wham because “it’s cool” and “everyone who is anyone has them”. It’s all utter shite of course, just fancy baubles for a modern age. Nobody who really matters cares whether you are keeping up with the Joneses or not. The real product they are selling is the whip that drives us: the mortgages, the contracts or the credit agreements.

We meekly accept our lot and dutifully sign our lives away in pursuit of the capitalist dream: to own it all, to keep pace with the treadmill, to have the latest and greatest of everything, even if we’re only on top for a week.

As a sub-species, western homo sapiens has forgotten how to survive. It has lost sight of the most basic human instincts. We are free but we have allowed the bullies and the corrupt governments and businesses to convince us otherwise.

It doesn’t have to be this way.


2 thoughts on “Let’s end the 21st century slavery

  1. I have always hated debt. But demonizing the lender when no one forces the indebted to take the debt on seems ridiculous. You are speaking against the lender when no one held a gun to the heads of people to force them into the loans. Hate the lenders? Stay away from them.

    • I avoid them like the plague now! I treat honourable people honourably. I feel no such obligation to the dishonourable.

      Many people have little or no choice but to borrow. Our society is set up to revolve around the banking system. We are paid through our bank accounts and we buy our goods and services using our bank and credit cards. Our bills are paid by direct debits and without a bank account it is almost impossible to function in the modern world.

      We are constantly bombarded with the illusion that we have an obligation to buy, whether it’s our homes, our cars, our holidays or the latest gadgets. All of these are carefully priced beyond the means of their target consumers, thus enforcing debt as the only way of scratching that itch. Even if we avoid debt altogether, the residual balance in our accounts allows the banks to profit from interest and speculation with our money. It is nothing short of corporate taxation.

      I know that we aren’t forced to borrow money however much pressure is applied, we always have the option to do without. Sometimes though we are faced with a choice between borrowing to eat or starving to avoid debt. I don’t see that as much of a choice.

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