Let’s not oblige the craving for a civil war

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the politicians, banks and corporations want a civil war here in the UK. At every turn they drive a wedge between the haves and the have-nots. Almost every piece of legislation is designed to suppress our freedom and oppress the poor for the benefit of the rich. They love wars because they are hugely profitable. They are having to pull out of Afghanistan so now they need something else to drive their degenerate economy. What better for them than to turn on our own poor and sick?

We’ve been vilified to the point where half the population consider us legitimate targets. They have been slowly trying to popularize eugenics for many years. Popular propaganda is rife. Shows such as Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle are set up specifically to ridicule the lives and morals of the poor. The morals of the rich are no better but their antics make them celebrities. The only difference is that they can afford their own DNA tests and counseling and keep their dirty laundry out of public view if they choose to.

The ‘freak shows’ of old-fashioned fairgrounds, rightly vilified and banned in many cases as exploitative, are now pumped into our homes as edutainment. When did they become acceptable? Even the whole euthanasia argument does us enormous damage. It sends out the message that people who are sick or disabled want to die anyway.

Politics, the media, the banks and the corporations are brainwashing the world. They’re doing it subtlely, selling their own mental illness through advertising and entertainment, and people lap it up.

How many more abuses of power and injustices do they have to inflict before the country wakes up and rises up? If we do rise up, it is absolutely essential that we do so peacefully. Violence would give them the green light for an armed response which is exactly what they want. These scum must be brought to their knees by a quiet revolution if there is ever to be a just and humanitarian Britain.

The Britain I grew up in was one to be generally quite proud of. There was a sense of fairness and justice. The NHS, Legal Aid and genuine growth, innovation and development were just some of our national achievements. Recent parliaments have done everything they can to dismantle what was briefly so great about Britain. We are sliding back into a neo-feudal, colonialist abyss driven by greed and a craving for power.

God, help us all.