I am a father, a grandfather, a survivor of numerous near misses, an adventurer and now physically disabled. I’ve had a wonderful life so far and have never felt any need to conform to the expectations of others. I have always been deeply sceptical of government and politicians and always question the truth and motives of any news item. In the grand scheme of things I’m a nobody, but recently I have discovered more and more people who agree with my views. I don’t claim to represent anyone else but if there’s something here that you like, welcome!

I have no desire for personal recognition so I have chosen “antistats” as my blog title. It stems from my abiding dislike for the way that statistics are used to lie to the public and manipulate them.

I hope you like what I write and feel free to share any of it. I don’t mind whether you credit me, but if you do, please leave my words as I have written them. Thank you.


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