Let’s not oblige the craving for a civil war

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the politicians, banks and corporations want a civil war here in the UK. At every turn they drive a wedge between the haves and the have-nots. Almost every piece of legislation is designed to suppress our freedom and oppress the poor for the benefit of the rich. They love wars because they are hugely profitable. They are having to pull out of Afghanistan so now they need something else to drive their degenerate economy. What better for them than to turn on our own poor and sick?

We’ve been vilified to the point where half the population consider us legitimate targets. They have been slowly trying to popularize eugenics for many years. Popular propaganda is rife. Shows such as Jerry Springer and Jeremy Kyle are set up specifically to ridicule the lives and morals of the poor. The morals of the rich are no better but their antics make them celebrities. The only difference is that they can afford their own DNA tests and counseling and keep their dirty laundry out of public view if they choose to.

The ‘freak shows’ of old-fashioned fairgrounds, rightly vilified and banned in many cases as exploitative, are now pumped into our homes as edutainment. When did they become acceptable? Even the whole euthanasia argument does us enormous damage. It sends out the message that people who are sick or disabled want to die anyway.

Politics, the media, the banks and the corporations are brainwashing the world. They’re doing it subtlely, selling their own mental illness through advertising and entertainment, and people lap it up.

How many more abuses of power and injustices do they have to inflict before the country wakes up and rises up? If we do rise up, it is absolutely essential that we do so peacefully. Violence would give them the green light for an armed response which is exactly what they want. These scum must be brought to their knees by a quiet revolution if there is ever to be a just and humanitarian Britain.

The Britain I grew up in was one to be generally quite proud of. There was a sense of fairness and justice. The NHS, Legal Aid and genuine growth, innovation and development were just some of our national achievements. Recent parliaments have done everything they can to dismantle what was briefly so great about Britain. We are sliding back into a neo-feudal, colonialist abyss driven by greed and a craving for power.

God, help us all.


Burden of proof – innocent until proven guilty

There is a basic and essential principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This parliament, the authorities and the right-wing media are circumventing that principle by means of propaganda and mass accusations. It is now assumed within these groups (and elsewhere) that a person in receipt of disability benefits is defrauding the taxpayer. They are standing the legal entitlement to a presumption of innocence on it’s head.

They are taking apart a vulnerable section of the community and forcing them to prove their innocence of that accusation, not just once, but over and over again. Wherever there’s any doubt about the validity of a claim, guilt is assumed and the benefits stopped. This happens to thousands of people every week, not because they are defrauding the taxpayer, but because the assessment process is deeply flawed and heavily biased against claimants. The consequences are extremely serious. People are starving, losing their homes, their already damaged health and in so many tragic cases, their lives.

Added to this outrage is an utterly inadequate appeals system. In the many cases where appeals are eventually successful, enormous damage has already been done to the lives and health of the claimant.

I struggle to believe that this is all the result of catastrophic incompetence. This parliament is eagerly pursuing the same frenzy of contempt and hatred whipped up in the electorate by sensationalist media. There is no leadership, they are selling their souls for votes and the chance to continue ripping off the nation via dubious expenses claims and the feathering of corporate nests. In any society worth belonging to, this vile witch-hunt would be outlawed rather than driven by the government.

My knowledge of the law is only that of a layman but I have a strong sense of justice. Surely there’s someone out there with enough knowledge and experience to stand up against this social cancer which is destroying this once Great Britain?

Let’s end the 21st century slavery

Why do we let loan and credit companies enslave us? We are held to ransom purely by our own honour, a trait that the loan sharks neither have nor respect, even though they rely on ours.

It’s not just the outrageous payday loan companies but the banks and credit card companies too. They hook people in and change the rules to suit themselves. I’ve stood up to them in the past and I’ll do it again. If everyone realized that they had no moral obligation to these thieves, their corrupt empire would collapse overnight.

They sell us our own shackles and we dutifully pay up. We’re told that we should buy our own homes, but that’s only really selling us fear. Once we are on the treadmill we dare not get off or stop treading the mill. If we do, we stand to lose too much.

We are persuaded that we need the latest gizmo or whizz-wham because “it’s cool” and “everyone who is anyone has them”. It’s all utter shite of course, just fancy baubles for a modern age. Nobody who really matters cares whether you are keeping up with the Joneses or not. The real product they are selling is the whip that drives us: the mortgages, the contracts or the credit agreements.

We meekly accept our lot and dutifully sign our lives away in pursuit of the capitalist dream: to own it all, to keep pace with the treadmill, to have the latest and greatest of everything, even if we’re only on top for a week.

As a sub-species, western homo sapiens has forgotten how to survive. It has lost sight of the most basic human instincts. We are free but we have allowed the bullies and the corrupt governments and businesses to convince us otherwise.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

So the government want to end benefit dependency? Their’s or everyone else’s?

Benefit dependency? What a malicious and malignant term that is. It’s used as an attack on the poor, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled. It’s used to brand them as lazy and sub-human. It’s used to bully them.

The vast majority of people who are dependent on benefits are employed, retired or in charge. First of all, the government relies heavily on the benefits system. It allows them a psychological comfort zone when their self-justifying meddling backfires as it habitually does. It allows them to keep inflation down by the suppression of wages, and it provides them with target groups to be used as scapegoats.

Businesses are heavily addicted to the benefits system. It allows them to hire and fire at will with no impact on any residual vestiges of their consciences. It allows them to split 4 full time jobs into 10 part time jobs so that they have a worker-pool which is 2.5 time the size and costs them less. They are also the main drivers and beneficiaries of the suppression of wages.

The ordinary working people depend upon benefits, either directly through in-work benefits or indirectly as a safety net. Believing that they won’t starve if they get sick, made redundant, or have an accident allows them a sense of security (if only they knew).

Most pensioners are in direct receipt of benefits. They prefer not to think of pensions as benefits, but that’s exactly what they are.

I would dearly love to know what all these other groups are planning/expected to do to overcome THEIR benefit dependency.

Stop knocking the British people.

Why is it that politicians, the media and numerous employers are so fond of knocking the British? Why is it that so many British people believe their propaganda? We are a nation of great people, run by greedy incompetents. Their greed makes them money so they consider themselves successful. They are so blinkered and so short-sighted that this enables them to think that they are doing a good job. Wrong.

Any society worth belonging to is based on humanity, compassion and fairness. It needs a legal system based on true justice for all rather than endless petty laws and regulations available only to the rich and powerful and enforced only on the poor and powerless. It requires good physical and mental health, adequate housing, good education, tolerance, freedom, security and high morale. When money is a measure of those things, it becomes relevant. When money is the only measure of success, it becomes irrelevant.

We hear so much crap about the economy but as far as I’m concerned those enormous figures just represent how badly we are made to feel about our national and corporate mismanagement. Whichever government is in power makes little difference. They all blame the poor for being poor, the old for being old, the sick for being sick and the disabled for being disabled. The media whip up a xenophobic storm, perhaps in a misguided effort to restore some national pride. The downtrodden of this country lap up the xenophobia because it deflects the blame for the country’s ills away from them. The government jump on the bandwagon because it distracts attention from their own self-serving agendas and bungling incompetence.

And so it continues. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. The country gets poorer, not only financially but also in every respect that actually matters. Morale, health, general wellbeing, compassion, security, housing, true justice and humanity are all extremely low and falling rapidly. Yet, even now, the authors of our misery – the politicians, the bankers and the corporations – are patting each other on the back and congratulating themselves on a job well done. Still they point their grubby fingers at the British people and blame us for their failings.

Why do so many of us nod obligingly and agree that we are unworthy? Why is there such a level of self-hatred that assumes that any foreign worker must be better than our own?

These horrendous myths are used to divide us. They’re used to subdue us. They are used to ensure that we will be grateful for the pittance they deign to throw us for our efforts. They’re used to enslave this great nation for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

Next time a politician tries to tell you what a great job they are doing, point them towards the national debt and tell them that that is a measure of their failure. Ask them why they ignore and side-step the issues which make society worth living. Ask them when they plan to put those things right. The fact is that unless those issues are dealt with, the national bank balance is irrelevant.

When a company brags about it’s profits, tell them that that’s a measure of their greed and their debt to their workers. It’s the difference between what their products and services are worth and what they got away with charging their customers.

I’m proud to be British despite the efforts of the rich, powerful and bigoted. I’m proud to be human despite the inhumane way that the rich, powerful and bigoted behave. I care very much about my country, the world we live in and the people who live on it. It is time for us to stop allowing ourselves to be divided.

Stop knocking the British people. Stop knocking foreign people. Stop having a go at the poor, the old, the young, those who are looking for work, the sick and the disabled. If you have to pick on someone, pick on the ones who caused the mess and those who profit from it. Pick on the ones in a position to put things right but who choose not to.

Stand up for the real British people. Stand up for all humanity and stand up for true justice.

The aspirations of a British man

Here’s a reply to David Cameron’s accusation that the people of Britain lack ambition and aspirations. I don’t imagine for one second that he will read it, or that he would understand it if he did. I’m writing it because it makes me feel better to get it off my chest, and because I get the feeling that I’m not alone.

Ambition and aspiration are very subjective terms. The first instance where these two diverge in individuals or nations is defining them in terms of cost or value. To a person with millions in the bank, a loaf is just a loaf. It’s worth around 0.00001% of their bank balance or less. It’s insignificant. To an average person, that same loaf is a staple part of a meal for their family. Regardless of it’s monetary cost, it is an essential and therefore valuable. This very difference is why many of the privileged don’t understand what real aspirations are. It’s also how wealthy people extract ever more obscene amounts of profit from a population who are increasingly unable to afford it.

My aspirations are very simple, basic, humble, and yet far greater and more profound than anything I’ve heard from government. I aspire to live in a country where everyone matters. One where everyone has some effective representation. One in which nobody goes hungry or without shelter. A country where our differences are celebrated rather than feared. A place where the weak and defenceless are protected. Somewhere where people reap the rewards of their own efforts – rather than having to pay dues to the rich at every turn in the form of ever increasing compulsory insurances, and wasted taxes which don’t apply to the wealthy. A country which invests in the health and education of it’s own people instead of the death and subjugation of those in far-off foreign parts. One where our Ministry Of Defence is not spun by politicians into a Ministry Of Attack at enormous cost to the nation and the courageous souls sent to do their political bidding.

I could go on but I suspect I’m preaching to the converted. I doubt that anyone crawling around that dung-heap at Westminster will even give this a glance.

My ambition is to leave a country like that for my kids, and their kids to grow in and enjoy. Do I share Cameron’s shallow, empty aspirations and ambitions to sit astride the dung-heap counting my money? No I don’t.

Life is worth far more than that.